Imagine is one of my favorite words. It is steeped in potential and begs the question, what if?

My aim is to channel that potential into my creative process – exploring the limits of my imagination while tapping into the resources of memory and materials. Often when I create, I dwell in possibility from Emily Dickinson, runs through my mind. It reminds me to keep myself open, to play, and let ideas flow.

Being present in the work and the world is essential to creativity. There are times when I just sit with a piece thinking it through, and times when I know I need to step away. Throughout the stages of each work, I am looking for what the work tells me, what does it want to be?

Recognizing how the eye moves through a piece is important to me. My goal is to provide work that is experientially rich and engages the viewer. While not an intentional part of my process, I hope that the viewer can discover connections in my art that resonate with them.